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Crowdfunding like Indiegogo - the most amazing template from Zeroqode so far


Hey Zeroqoders,
excited to present this template, which I think is the most advanced one we created so far.
It is an amazing responsive template for Crowdfunding similar to Kickstarter, Indiegogo or Gofundme. It includes payment automation through Stripe and Paymentrails as well as a powerful dashboard to manage the entire platform. The template supports monthly donation plans and custom contributions to a particular fundraiser. It also features ajax style user experience and beautified URLs.

check it out here https://newcrowdfunding.bubbleapps.io/

and here is a screenshot

Levon Terteryan
Founder @ Zeroqode & Bubblewits


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Great template Levon. How hard would it be to remove the $ from funding and replace the progress bar with a target number of votes?


Thanks, Jeremy, shouldn’t be very complicated I believe


How can images be added to each project? I’m unable to test inserting an image in “The Story” via the demo

Also, can an image be placed in the project header, or does it have to be a Youtube video?


Hi Levon , good template , Kindly i am trying to test it with “demo login” i have used my FB account , but it told me that the app not setup on FB, but i can’t , any suggestion


I tried the Google login and it allowed for some access


at the moment fundraisers allow only videos but it’s possible to change

because each user would need to use their own FB credentials for the template to allow FB login, we’ll fix i but meanwhile you can simply test with email/password signup.


Are you able to disconnect the Outkarma integration and manually give users votes on the backend?


The template is flexible and can be modified absolutely in any way you like. What you described is possible


Hi Levon, I deployed the template as is but it is crashing halfway through the fundraiser creation process. I’m able to name the fundraiser and select an amount but it fails to advance to the next stage of the process.


Hey Jeremy,
the problem seems to be related to Random string generator plugin
You need to get an apiKey on the random.org website and insert it in your plugin
sorry about this, we are in the process of preparing some documentation for this template. This will be the link for it https://docs.zeroqode.com/templates/crowdfunding-like-indiegogo
keep an eye on it as we progress


Thanks. That got me to the details page but getting errors form the LinkPreview plugin. I created a new key and installed the plugin.

Raw error from Link Preview - Default: {“title”:"",“description”:“Linkpreview service denied - invalid api key. More info: http://www.linkpreview.net”,“image”:"",“url”:"",“error”:403}


We’d like to purchase this template. We don’t require the voting and would like the subscriptions to just charge instead of using the voting. Is that possible or is subscription only related to voting?



Hi Stewart,
thanks for the message
right now the subscription and voting are separate. Users can subscribe and will be charge on a monthly basis. Voting is only to decide how those collected funds will be distributed to the fundraisers.
This is a default setup though and you can change it in absolutely any way you require.
Hope this helps


Thank you. That helps.