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Detect Scroll Position for RG not loading when back button pressed (page not refreshed)


Im using this in conjunction with another plugin called sudsy, that will not refresh the page when the url path is on the same page.
It’s hard to explain so hopefully this video will illustrate the problem.


Hello @hfhfhfhhfh

Have you tried using and testing the workflow only the RG Scrolling Position Detector without sudsy plugin ?
Could you please post also more details and setup of your workflow, like screens.
Thanks for understanding.



Yes i think it works without sudsy plugin.

Could you make an action to reset the position detector. So i can reset when a sudsy path has changed.


@hfhfhfhhfh, hi there.

I see, so the conflict persist between 2 plugins. Regarding the action we’ll see if possible and be back to you, but it may take some time.
Thanks for understanding.



Appreciate that thanks.