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Editable Data Table Like Excel Plugin - Features/Questions


I’m really liking this plug in so far.

I was wondering if it can do the following things:

  1. For date fields, only display the date and not the time. Also, the reverse, only display the time and not date. I have both needs in my app.

  2. Can we set a min and max col width? I’m displaying 20 or so fields for one record and the columns are getting smaller. No biggie until the edit and delete gets squished and seems to not work properly - a min col width would solve that problem. But I also have fields with a long text. A max width with text overflow would prevent a long column.

  3. Along those lines, is it possible to have the col width auto size to what is inside it? For example, if one of my cols was for type of interview and all the current records say “Call” - then that column would be thin. Then if an “In Person” was added the col would resize to fit that now.

  4. Justification of text in cells. When in edit mode and there is a dropdown, it gets saved as center justified but the input text gets saved as left justified. This creates an inconsistent design. Is there a way to adjust this?

  5. Clicking on the row or specific cell goes to a page with that record’s data. Click to edit would need to be off. (Not sure if there is a way to do this already)


Hello @amanda.dianne,

Thank you for your interest!

Currently, this is not possible but we will update the plugin and will add the functionality to display only data. Unfortunately, to display only time will remain impossible.

No, min and max-width is possible to be set only for the entire element.

Unfortunately, this is not possible

Now it is not possible but we will edit this.

Click to edit can be turned off by using this checkbox.


I will let you know when the updates will be available.


Hi @amanda.dianne,

FYI - We updated the plugin. Now when in edit mode is selected dropdown the input introduction and visualization is center justified. Also, we added the box for the cases when only the date is needed to be shown.