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Editable Excel-like Llist


Hey Richard,
we have just pushed an update that allows what you requested

to give it a try please upgrade the plugin version and refresh the editor,


Hi Levon
I’ve upgraded the plugin and refreshed the editor.
I set up the list as below

But all I get is the table loading image.
There has been a common issue in this development so far that space characters in names etc have not been coded for. Could it be that?
I’ve checked and all tables contain a record so the dropdowns should be valid.
Thanks for keeping trying with this


Hey Richard, I guess we’ll need access to your app in order to help you debug this. Please add [email protected] to your app and send us more details (which page etc.)


Vlad Added.

Page is admin_customer

Tab 1


Hi @levon
Did Vlad get a chance to look at this yet?
Upgrading to the new version of the code actually breaks every table on my app, not just the ones with the new functionality.
So I have reverted to a prior version to allow me to keep developing.He’ll need to upgrade to review the issue.


Hi Richard, not yet, but it’s on our list, I will let you know once we have any update


Hello @richard we have fixed the bug and updated the plugin version in your app, seems everything working
Sorry for a delay
please confirm


Hi @Levon
Thanks for that fix
In fixing this item, all of the other tables that don’t use this functionality have broken, so I have reverted back to a previous version.
I can see you have another thread open for the same.


Hi @richard
seems like we fixed it, can you please upgrade and retry?