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Etho's Hardware


So I noticed a few episodes a go, that Etho’s hardware is getting pretty out of date. Its been over 5 years since his last computer upgrade and I think it would be a good idea for him to upgrade soon, if for nothing else but to help him in the productivity side of his videos. Lorem Ipsum There has been a lot of improvements in recent years in this kind of workload and it could save him a lot of time. 10 Minute Mail I know that Etho spends a lot of time on his computer either editing and recording videos or doing behind the scenes work and honestly any ease of life improvements would probability help out.

Whats your guys opinions on this do you think its time for Etho to upgrade or do you think he can push out a few more years of his computer before he really needs to upgrade?


Sorry Charlie, who is Etho? who are you talking about?