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"Header value for Stripe-Account is not correct"

Hi all,

I’m about to start marketing my site but on the eve of doing so have hit an issue of payments not going through.

I have set up a Stripe account which matches to the Seller ID created in Bubble (pic below):





I also have the workflows below set up for when someone tries to make a purchase:

Followed by:


When I try and make a purchase I get the following message:


I’m at a loss as to why it’s not working as everything seems in place… please help!!!

It was all working fine a few days ago but for some reason has now stopped working.

Many thanks,


I’ve managed to resolve the issue and it ended up being incredibly simple but also something very easy to fall foul of…

I had recently gone and the privacy settings for my Users and was only allowing Seller ID to be visible to the Current User so it wasn’t visible to the API.

All looks working now!

Hello, @dan4
Thanks for your request :pray:

Happy to hear that you were able to figure out this issue. Indeed, the privacy settings could affect the performance of the plugin.

In case you need any assistance - let me know.
Best regards,