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Move or Resize Bubble Elements - New Plugin from Zeroqode

Hey Zeroqoders,
we have just published a new plugin that allows you to move or resize any Bubble Element indicating number of pixels to move or resize and the speed of transition.
For more details please visit the plugin page: Move or resize any Bubble Element indicating number of pixels to move or resize and the speed of transition. (May affect responsive behavior)


Move or resize any Bubble Element indicating number of pixels to move or resize and the speed of transition. (May affect responsive behavior)

Hi… Where are the instructions for this plugin?

I purchased this plugin, I want to set an element condition or workflow that will cuase a group to expand.

Hi @unstoppable1,

Thanks for reaching out. We have dedicated demo app you can check here https://zeroqode-demo-05.bubbleapps.io/moveresize and preview its editor here zeroqode-demo-05 | Bubble Editor to see the available plugin actions and how it works.

Let me give a couple of insights to help you here. So, this plugin comes with the following features:

  • move element to the right
  • move element to the left
  • move element up
  • move element down
  • change element’s width
  • change element’s height

Let’s say you have a design element on your page with an ID Attribute:

Then, in your workflow you can use plugin’s action to change the height of the element, for instance:



Hi guys,

I bought this plugin today and I am a little bit confused. Can it change the size of “video chat” element?

I was trying to do this by appling it to the window but it seems like in reality it stayed the same, only the shape is changed but not an actual field of camera view.

Is there anything I can do about it?

Hi @sebastianymail,

Thanks for asking and sorry for delay. Could you please specify whether ‘video chat’ element is a plugin of ours, because it really depends on how the plugin element itself is built, so it might not change its height/width properly. Perhaps you can try a CSS workaround, by placing an HTML element and insert some styling to it so the height gets changed as well.

Hope it helps.

Hi Zeroqode and @levon

I’m having trouble getting two of your plugins to play together – Move or Resize Elements, and Mapbox Maps. I want my Mapbox Map to be vertically responsive on mobile devices, specifically, for the Mapbox Map height to be 100% of the user’s viewport (i.e. to be 100vh).

I bought the Move or Resize plugin, and I also installed the Zeroqode CSS Tools plugin and put the CSS Tools element on the page. I set the Mapbox element’s height equal to the Bubble page height, 640 pixels. I gave my Mapbox element an ID Attribute, which I then input into the “Move or Resize Elements” workflow action “Change Element’s Height”. I set the “Change Element’s Height” to “CSS Tools Available Height”.

The problem is that upon page load the Mapbox element has NOT been resized to the user’s viewport – instead, the Mapbox element is still at its original dimensions. Only after I resize the window is the Mapbox element correctly resized like it should have been.

And, that only happens in Preview mode. When I deploy to Live, the Mapbox element is not visible at all.

This is all viewable in the attached screencast.

What am I doing wrong? Please help.

Thank you

Hi @gar34,

Please see the following setup example, that might fit your customization requirements (it doesn’t require the “Move or Resize” plugin, just the Mapbox plugin and an HTML element):

Please let me know if any other help with our plugins is required.

Thanks @Serg for putting together that example, however it’s still not working for me – please see this video. When the preview loads (and also when the window is resized) the height of the Mapbox element is not responsive to the window height.

Hi @gar34, sorry for the delayed reply (due to weekend).

We’ve changed the settings a bit, namely, the HTML conditions:

Please check the demo page again, if it fits your requirements: zeroqode-demo-08 | Bubble Editor

Have a nice week ahead!

Yes that worked for me! Thank you very much for this simple solution @Serg


Hi @gar34, glad to hear that it helped with your case.
In case any other question about our products will appear, you know where to find us :wink:

Have a nice day!

Just to follow up on this topic @Serg …are there any plans to move the mapbox map plugin to also make use of the new responsive engine that Bubble has put in place? I.e. instead of defining width and height in pixels, we would be able to start defining these in % of the parent element?


Hi @luke1, thanks for your question.

Regretfully, here we depend on the moment when Bubble will launch the new plugin responsive engine live (currently it is on Beta): Plugin Editor & New Responsive Engine [beta] - New features - Bubble Forum

Once things will move forward, we will do the required changes on our plugins.

Drop a message if there is anything else that I can help with so far :wink:


Awesome - thanks for the update @Serg!

And it looks like Bubble are launching their new responsive engine out of Beta this week.

I’m looking forward to this update as it will make life much easier! :smiley:

Thanks again!

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Yes, but this relates only to the Bubble editor responsive engine. Plugin responsive engine is a bit different matter, and so far there was no news about its launch to live :pensive:.


Understood, thanks for that added information @Serg! Appreciate that this is out of your control.

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You’re welcome :wink:

Have a good day!


Please clarify,

  1. If I move a Group element, will it move all the elements within the Group?
  2. Can both “Move or Resize Bubble Elements” and " MoveIt - Move & Rotate" plugins move the elements?

Hi @dsivaa, thanks for your questions.

Regretfully no, it moves only the element whose ID is indicated in plugin actions.

We will check this moment internally and reply once any news will become available :pray:.

Thank you for understandin.


Hi @dsivaa, thanks for your patience.

Yes, both of the plugins can work with the same element on the page.

Drop a message if there is anything else I can help with about our plugins.