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401 error when using Create Deposit quickbooks sandbox

We are trying to create a deposit using the quickbooks sandbox plugin. We get an error back indicating a malformed bearer token and a 401 authentication failure. Since we have not changed our configuration since we originally authorized this company via quickbooks, it isn’t clear to us what could possibly be wrong.

Error message:
Workflow error - The service QuickBooks_sandbox - Create Deposit just returned an error (HTTP 401). Please contact the plugin author directly for feedback. Raw error: {"warnings":null,"intuitObject":null,"fault":{"error":[{"message":"message=AuthenticationFailed; errorCode=003200; statusCode=401","detail":"Malformed bearer token: too short or too long","code":"3200","element":null}],"type":"AUTHENTICATION"},"report":null,"queryResponse":null,"batchItemResponse":[],"attachableResponse":[],"syncErrorResponse":null,"requestId":null,"time":1677108976995,"status":null,"cdcresponse":[]}

Here is the request we are making using Quickbooks sandbox - Create Deposit:
{ “DepositToAccountRef”: { “value”: 91, “name”: CheckingME }, “Line”: [ { “Amount”: 500 “DetailType”: “DepositLineDetail”, “DepositLineDetail”: { “AccountRef”: { “value”: 55, “name”: Automobile } } } ] }

I am reading on qb docs that the auth token may need to be refreshed. How do I tell the plugin to refresh the auth token?

(Intuit Developer)

That isn’t what the error message is, but it would also be a problem.

@melchoir55, thanks for reporting this moments.

I’ve passed it on to the developer team for research. Once a result will be ready, I will let you know asap.

You can set a scheduled event that will trigger the “Refresh access token” action each hour.

Please let me know if there are any other question that I can help with.


This refresh token action has required fields. Where do I get the values for these fields?

@Serg Can you please tell me how to get the values for the refresh account token fields from the plugin? Where does it store these values?

Hi @melchoir55, apologies for the delayed reply within this thread.

Your questions earlier have been passed to the developer team for research, and currently, they are checking all raised questions, from this and parallel threads.

Once any result will appear, I will let you know asap.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Hi @melchoir55,
Besides the plugin update (which is already done), in a short time, we will update the plugin supporting documentation, to be more detailed, including the moment mentioned above.


Tips to fix-

Clear User End Issues.
Check Authentication Credentials.
Disable Password Protection.
Troubleshoot the Code.

Rachel Gomez