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A number of errors created in "Transactions" due to missing information in "Step 1"

As soon as I started editing Bookly, I saw 13+ errors, all related to creating / cancelling transactions. I am using Stripe and have completely filled in the API fields. I cannot figure out where it is trying to find this information, as “[missing: 1479913116367x216506542124171260-AAH]” is not intuitive.

Thanks in advance

Hello @shaunnestor

Checking through template, it’s an issue caused by Bubble’s Stripe plugin. It was updated not a long time ago with newest SCA compliant. V.3
However all our actions were created for v.2 of it.
In order to get the actions working w/o errors, I could recommend you to use v.2 of Stripe plugin :

Alternatively if the latest version of plugin is required to be used for your scenario, please check plugin’ documentation for reference to get the actions working - https://bubble.io/reference#Plugins.stripe
Hope this helps.


Thanks for your quick reply, @Dumitru

The default Stripe setting is on V2, like you suggested. Any other ideas?

To clarify, on the bookings page, there are a series of “when” commands for when the Cancel button is clicked and the Parent group’s booking policy is X, various actions occur.

Each of these “when” actions has 9-14 steps, each building upon one another. However, the first action in every one of them is " [missing: 1479913116367x216506542124171260-AAH]". If that step is removed, the action continues to fail because following steps reference step 1.

I cannot find any clue as to what step 1 is supposed to do within this command or how to fix it.

Thanks again for your help.

Hello @shaunnestor

Another idea is to try creating a new application, using the template. After that reinstalling, the Stripe Plugin and after that installing again.
Place a new pair of keys in the plugin tab, and see if that worked out.
Other way is to retroactively fix the Stripe issues by adding the missing steps.
All the steps are Stripe related to Refund.
Here are the actions in template:


I’ll do this now, thanks, @Dumitru!

@Dumitru, I have created a fresh install from the template, I have also re-added Stripe plugin. Also, I have uninstalled and reinstalled Stripe on my original installation.

Within the workflow actions > Plugins, there are no Stripe options. If I install the Stripe API plugin, I see selectable workflow actions, but nothing from Stripe 3.4/5.0.

Hello @shaunnestor

I see, thanks for sharing with us.

I’d like to apologize, however it seems that original developer has deprecated the version of plugin, though it looks that it is still available on marketplace which was used for respective actions.
It is called Stripe - Actions plugin.
Please install this plugin as well, alongside the Stripe plugin place the keys as seen in the screenshot and give it a try. Be sure to use the 1.1.1 version which we used in template design.
Sorry for inconvenience :pray:

Thanks for understanding.