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A simple question about dragging&dropping elements into the UI builder

Hello :slight_smile:

So I know the basic action of dragging and dropping elements into the UI builder :slight_smile:

However often times I want to choose the place of the new element directly in the element tree. Because sometimes I have elements covering the element I actually want to drag&drop into so it its not possible to do so without changing the order (z-index) of the elements.

Eventually I solve this by dragging and dropping the new element to somewhere, than copy paste it in the element tree but as I do this quite often I’m wondering if there is a better more efficient way to do it!


Hi @amir.yaari, thanks for your question.

This functionality simply serves as a hint to the structure of the page - it displays which element is nested inside which and so on, and doesn’t allow to drag and drop elements directly into the element tree.

To change the position of an element, you first need to find it with the help of the element tree, then you can use drag and drop or cut paste the element on the design part of the page.

Also, if you would like to get any additional feedback from the Bubble community, allow me to advise asking the same on the official forum: https://forum.bubble.io/

Have a nice weekend ahead! :wink:


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