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ACE Code Editor - Error on page load

I’m getting the following editor on page load when attempting to set the code editor’s theme via the workflow action:

Here’s what’s throwing the error:

When I remove this workflow, the error goes away. I’m attempting to set the code editor’s theme when a user changes from light <> dark mode. I’ve tried doing this via the following conditional on the element itself instead:


When I use conditionals-only, the theme never changes as the user flips between night and dark mode. As you can see from the debug info below, the back-end seems to think the theme is changing, but the front-end never reflects it:

I can get the theme to change via workflow actions, but the error shown above is thrown.

Hi @2706mason,
Thank you for reaching out and for your purchase.

I’ve carefully check the plugin on my side and tried to replicate your use case - using the same event
Do when the condition is true - in my case when the User is logged in and the theme was successfully changed from the default “Dracula” theme to “Tomorrow night”.

Here is a preview of how the editor theme is.
When a user is logged out: Screenshot by Lightshot
When a user is logged in: Screenshot by Lightshot

I would recommend you check the current version of the plugin, in case there is a newer version, try to update it and let me know if this helps.
Also, you can check the workflow in Step-by-Step mode and ensure that each step is working properly.

Also, if possible, please share a screen recording using Step-by-Step mode showing the change to Dark Moode on your page and the workflow for it.

For additional guidance please check the plugin editor page: Zeroqode-demo-17 | Bubble Editor

Have a great weekend ahead.
Regards, :pray:

Igor, I’m on version v1.11.0 of the plugin (latest version). I am able to successfully change the theme of the editor via the back-end workflow action; however, the following error gets thrown every time:

Do you know what causes this error? I have turned off the conditionals on the element, so this is the only thing actually modifying the editor theme (aside from the default that’s set on the element itself). It looks like the error is thrown every time I set a new theme for the first time. If I were to switch back and forth between light and dark mode, the error isn’t thrown on subsequent setting of the same theme (only the first time either light or dark mode is set).

Here’s a video attempting to explain what I’m seeing >

Hi @2706mason,
Thank you for your reply and additional video.

Unfortunatley it is not clear why you receive this error message only once.

Would it be possible for you to share a similar video but in Step-by-Step mode to view the workflow and values that are set?

Hopefully, this will help me recreate a similar setup as you have and look with the dev team what could cause the error message.

Besides this error message the plugin is functioning properly as I understood, right?

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Take care, :pray:

Igor, apologies for the delay here - I’ve been focused on a few other areas of my app lately and hadn’t had a chance to get back to you.

It’s the weirdest thing, but the error in debug_mode seems to have gone away. I cannot reproduce it on page load or when changing light<>dark mode. If it happens again, I’ll capture a video and pass it long.

And yes, aside from this issue (which may have gone away?), the plugin works as intended.

Hi @2706mason,
Thank you for your reply and I’m glad it was sorted out. :partying_face:

While you addressed the inquiry related to Air Date/Time Picker in a different thread our dev team noticed a few days ago that your element was not visible on the page.

Please make sure to check this element is visible on the page load. Also to ensure the workflow is not running before the visual element is rendered on the page you can use conditionals - Do something only when an element is visible.

Hope this info will help you in the future. :slightly_smiling_face:

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That did the trick. The Code Block group itself won’t ever be visible on page load (controlled via a conditional), so adding the "and [CodeEditr] Code Block is visible to the workflow containing Set value [CodeEditor] CodeBlock worked as expected. Thank you!

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Hello @2706mason ,

It’s so great to hear that everything works well in your app now, your positive feedback is incredibly valuable to us.

Please feel free to reach us again when you need some help or assistance. It will be a pleasure to cooperate. :slightly_smiling_face:

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