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Add topics/activities in the Booky theme?

How do I populate the possible activities in the Booky theme?

Also, how do I populate the policies for the instructors as well?

Hi @hi12,

Thanks for reaching out.

The Policies section is using a dropdown element with some data retrieved from your Bubble database:

This table is called Cancellation policies and can be found here:

And you are able to populate these policies here:

As for Activities:

It can be be done the same way, or as an alternative you can simply use the Admin dashboard and create new activity:

But you’ll have to make some adjustments to the template, perhaps. It uses a security measurement so not every user will be able to use Admin features. Please do check https://docs.zeroqode.com/templates/booky-bookings-and-appointments-template#things-to-note for guidance and more information as well.