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Adding Native Features

Hello, I’m building a web app on bubble and would like to eventually create native apps using a service like zeroqode offers. The question I have is once I created a native app, can I then add features to the native app that are not possible with the web app? Like open camera to scan qr code? or capture photo? Thanks


Hey Philipp,
thanks for the question, in fact open camera or scan qr code are both possible even through web app on mobile :slight_smile:
But yes, adding some features like push notifications, tool bar, share buttons are possible, while others like accessing contacts or reading sms message etc. are not. So please double check which features are crucial for you before buying our native app solution.

Thanks for your reply. Can you direct me to where I can find how to make scanning QR’s as I described above? I’ve posted on the bubble forum and not got very much help. The plugin does not seem to do what I want unless I’m using it all wrong. In short, a user press a button, it opens camera, captures QR Code data and then goes back to the app with data. Thanks.

I’ll ask my partner @vladlarin to help you out as he had some experience with QR codes.

Great, Thanks. I’m willing to pay if I can get this right.

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hi Philip!

As Levon has suggested - it can easily be made to work via webapp too, but the architecture of the solution will be to capture the QR image, then upload it Bubble database (in the cloud), then hand it over to the QR scanning API (also in the cloud), and then get the response.

Which means that the QR reading will not be instant, unfortunately.

To have the instant QR code reading capability, the SDK for QR scanner will need to be embedded within a native mobile application via xcode\android studio.

I will check with our mobile dev team to tell us what it will take to get this done for you.


Thanks, I look forward to what you find out. This was shared with me and I think it would work for what I need but too expensive for what I need right now - www.scandit.com

Hi guys,

This is not implemented in the app currently but it’s possible of course.

We can add a QR button on the bottom toolbar. On click it will open the camera and when scan is done, we can use our javascript bridging implementation to send this data to the web part of the app.

If you don’t want to have this button on the bottom toolbar in native part of the app, then we can create one more javascript method that you can call from your web part that will invoke the camera to scan the qr.

Here is how this can be done:


<div class="scan-more">
    <a id="scan" class="btn btn-primary" onClick="scanQR()">Scan</a>


function scanQR() {
     window.bridge.post('scan_qr', {}, (results, error) => {
        // this is the result of the scanned qr data

This is all custom implementation.


Thanks for your reply. I may ask for more guidance when I get to the point that I’m ready to do this.