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Adding Sort by Distance

Is there anyway to allow users to sort the items and sellers they see by the distance from their physical location, in the case of pickup? If so how would one go about this? I have a general idea that you might have to add new fields in order for a seller to upload their location, and link that somehow to the main feed, but not exactly sure.

Hi @tgamblegoldschmidt,

Thanks for reaching out. I’m afraid I cannot help with exact solutions on this matter as Bubble development is beyond our Zeroqode support services, but you can post your request here https://forum.bubble.io/ or search for some existing threads because the Bubble community is very helpful. Perhaps this thread will help - https://forum.bubble.io/t/sort-repeating-groups-by-time-help/3802/4 - but the idea is that you can sort your Bubble data by any field your have in your database. So you’ll just have to change for the one you like.

But if you have any trouble with our products like templates or plugins, please don’t hesitate to let us know. :pray:

Thanks for understanding.


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