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Adding zelle or cash app type


Hello, I was interested in finding out if there was anyway possible to add cash or zelle type of app for instant money transfer to the food delivery uber eats concept app?

I have 0 code experience!


Helly Ty
this is all possible through template customization. You can either learn doing it yourself by taking one of our classes (https://codefree.co) or hire someone to do that.


Thank you so much! What course I should do?? Simple check out?

Is this something you guys do? I can probably hire you instead of me doing it.



Simple check out won’t cover the API integrations. In fact for custom API integrations I"d suggest checking Gaby’s youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTL_mXO3qsgFc_3s2T5wlWg and the forum.
but each API is different anyway, so it won’t be a step by step instruction for zelle payment method integration.
As for our courses - they would teach you how to build apps in general and would give you in depth understanding and skills to build apps.
Hiring us is possible but we have a $3000 project minimum. Would this make sense for you?


thank you so much for the reply! I had no idea you guys are part of codefree! I got their appsumo deal a few years back!

It makes total sense but if you say its doable then I will roll up my sleeves and get to it!

thank you so much for the support and confidence to get this done!

thank you


I reached out to the youtube channel you recommended and she wa helpful but told me that they don’t have anything like that.

This is the type of app im refering to. We want to add the option of paying with cash instant money transfer instead of using credit cards using a service like this one:

Do you guys offer a plugin like this for the uber eats template?



i’m afraid we don’t have a plugin for that yet


Just my luck! 1 last question… can i do credit card signature for each delivery?


I’m afraid I don’t really understand what do you mean by credit card signature on delivery, can you explain please?


On the uber eats app, is there a way to do the following:

  1. have the user sign the “credit card receipt” when the delivery driver delivers his order

  2. send out a mass delivery notification to all drivers about an available “job/delivery” instead of sending it to the closest one. Like a “first one to accept”



i see now, the receipt signing is possible with our plugin - https://zeroqode.com/plugin/paint--signature-pad-1527080158066x421238979880812540
however it’s difficult to give you step by step instructions for these customizations. I recommend finding a freelancer by posting at Bubble Forum under freelance category - https://forum.bubble.is