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Admin for Slackly


I am wondering how to set up an Admin user for the Slackly template. The problem with the template out of the box is that when a user signs up, they are asked to specify a team name (free text, not a dropdown). They could enter anything (e.g., “Garbage”) and then they would be on that team but no one else would have permission to view it.

The ideal solution is that one or a few users would be Administrators who could control which teams exist, and which users are allowed to join a particular team.

Thanks in advance for any advice for how to accomplish this!


Hi @wells.wulsin,

Thanks for reaching out. In case you are willing to set up an Admin for Slackly template, you could do it by creating a separate dashboard page specifically for one user, and define access to it only for him as administrator. Additionally, you are able to modify and implement anything you want, so feel free to build your desirable application.

Also thank you for your feedback. We will take it into account.

Best regards,


Great, thank you @alexandru.rusnac for this guidance. I will try it myself - and follow up with you if I get stuck. :slight_smile:

Much appreciated!