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Adminy Template - Cannot login

I am trying to login using the adminy template and I get the following popup message saying, “No user set to a temporary password to”.

What does this mean? Why am I getting this?

can you share a screencast using useloom.com?

I deleted the whole app and am starting over. Is there anymore documentation on this template? I am still quite confused on how it all works.

there is a video tutorial in the app itself, have you seen it?

Yes, I watched it before I bought the template. Very helpful.

I was thinking about it this morning and I think I know what may have caused that problem. I noticed that the workflow when clicking on the red admin button has hardcoded email address and I’m not sure how the password is working either.

But when I deleted all of the database values to start fresh, it was probably trying to assign a password to that hardcoded email address.

Your thoughts?

yes, that’s possible, you can check the workflow, and just change it to another hardcoded email or to dynamic values using input fields.
Alternatively you can create a fresh app from that template and don’t erase the DB entries