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Advanced Audio Player issues

Hi I am having an issue with the premium version of your Audio player. I am not using it for music but a different kind of app.

The issue I am having is I cannot play 2 different audios at the same time even though I have seperated and have 2 audioplayers listed on the page. If I play one then the other cuts off and vice versa but I need both to play at the same time. I know this is doeable because if I use a free audio plugin along with your advanced one I can play both at the same time but when I try to use both of your premium ones only one works at a time.

But for my app i need one audio overlayed on the other. Please if someone can help me out with this it’d be greatly appreciated. Time is of the essence. Looking forward to hearing from you guys!

Hi @premiertrendsco,

Thanks so much for your message and for reaching out to us :hugs:

I am currently looking into your request and will get back to you as soon as possible with more details.

If you have more questions in the meantime, feel free to reach out to me :pray:

Best regards :sunflower:

Hi again,

I have done some tests with the Advanced Audio Player plugin, and I can confirm this plugin is designed to work only with one instance at a time. The functionality does not allow it to play multiple elements simultaneously.

Could I recommend another plugin of ours, Howler.js Pro? From my testing, I was able to play multiple songs simultaneously via multiple elements. You can check out the demo page of the plugin and see how it is set up.

I hope this information proves helpful :pray:

Best regards :hibiscus:

Hi @dorel, I just checked this doesn’t solve the problem because the Howler.js pro doesn’t have the ability to set delays in between clips. The Advanced Audio Player is perfect it has everything I need just I can’t play more than 1 audio. This is annoying because I am able to do this with free players but not one I am paying for. This might be the only plugin that doesn’t allow you to play 2 at the same times because I can do it with the free howlers.

can you guys just disable the function thats stopping it from playing 2 at the same time? I dont see the need of stopping it if i am using 2 different Audioplayer elements. And its not like its the free version

Hi @premiertrendsco,

I am sorry for the delay over the weekend :pray:

Let me check with the developers, as this might stem from a limitation. I will keep you updated with any information the developers provide!

If you have any other questions in the meantime, feel free to reach out to me at any time :blush:

Best regards :sunflower:

ok thank you @dorel please keep me updated

Hi @premiertrendsco,

Will do :pray: If you have more questions or concerns, I am ready to help!

Best regards :hibiscus:

I do have one more question. Do you know if there is a way to track just when the play button has been pressed? Because I have a points system/leaderboard and we want to reward users for completing a daily task which is listening to the player. However, its a playlist with dozens of short clips so its not efficient to be checking the database to see if they have already completed their daily task for each clip.

You know how in bubble if I place a button on my app I can start a workflow just when the button is clicked, I was wondering if I could do the same with when they press the play button so the check is only run once when that occurs. Do you get what I mean?

Hi @premiertrendsco,

I think I understand what you mean. I checked out the plugin, but I did not find a way to achieve it currently. I have also forwarded this to the developers to check and see if this would be possible.

I will keep you updated on this along with the other request :pray:

Best regards :sunflower:

yes a simple way to say it is a single event to track when the Audioplayer play button is first clicked to start it.

And okay thank you I will be looking forward to your response.

Hi @premiertrendsco,

Yes, I have forwarded your previous message to the developers, and they should come back with more information soon!

Best regards :hibiscus:

ok thanks and last request I promise.

I am finishing up mobile optimization and I have noticed that with the audioplayer that it doesn’t allow me to leave safari or close my phone and it doesn’t continue to play the audio. I have to stay on the page but with the free howlers i am using for other tasks allows me to close the app and also I can lock my phone and the audio continues to play.

I wonder if they can remove this limitation also because I know thats something a lot of people hate, especially me when i am listening to something on youtube and I can’t close the app or lock my phone. It is bad for UX. I know some of the developers who are using the audioplayer for music probably feel the same way, even though I am using it for a different use case.

Hey @premiertrendsco,

From what I remember, the plugin was playing correctly when closing the browser or locking the phone. To confirm, I have done some tests, and on my side, the plugin was working as expected.

Could you please let me know the iOS version of the iPhone when you encountered this behavior? My tests were conducted on iOS 17.5.1, the latest version.

Best regards :sunflower:

Hi @premiertrendsco,

A small update regarding the trigger when the element starts playing: there is a state called “Currently playing.” You can create a “Do when condition is true” workflow dependent on this state, that will trigger when the state is “Yes”.

You can modify the workflow to your liking, such as triggering only once after page load or only when the playing time is 0, depending on your use case.

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to me :blush:

Best regards :sunflower:

Hey @dorel thanks for getting back to me, I am on 17.5.1 also and anytime i leave out of safari or lock my phone the audio stops. Idk whats wrong maybe if you have an email I can email you a screen recording.

Also, for the custom state for logging points works perfectly thanks!

Hi @premiertrendsco,

Please send the video recording to, and we can continue the conversation there :hugs:

I’m glad my previous suggestion above was helpful :blush:

Best regards :hibiscus:

Ok @dorel just sent it over