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Advanced Custom Dropdown

I’m considering buying your Advanced Custom Dropdown, but have a question about it. Is it possible to make it so that the keyboard doesn’t come up when the dropdown is selected?

As an example, if you look at this page on mobile, the keyboard comes up every time you select the 2nd dropdown. However, it covers over the last items and creates a worse user experience.

Would your dropdown be configurable so that it doesn’t cover this up?
Thanks for any guidance.

Hello, @02hoya
Thanks for your question.

We really can find that your dropdown influences the keyboard.

However, in our Advanced Custom Dropdown plugin, there is no event/action/state to check or influence on the mobile keyboard. So, the plugin doesn’t include any functionality to deal with the OS keyboard.

Allow me to recommend you to test the functionality/design of this plugin by visiting the Live Demo Page: https://zeroqode-demo-06.bubbleapps.io/custom_drop-downs

You can test it from different devices (mobile or PC) to see the exact behavior of it.

Hope it will help you.
Best regards,

Thanks Ecaterina. I think the problem is that on the Live Demo page you suggested, there aren’t any examples of dropdowns with multi-select functionality. That’s where this issue comes in for me – with the dropdown where you can select more than one item.
It appears that Zeroqode’s Advanced Custom Dropdown will not be able to solve this for me (you cannot “disable” a keyboard in a mobile page).
If that is incorrect, please let me know.

Hello, @02hoya

Unfortunately, you are right.
Our Custom Dropdown plugin works only with one value per dropdown.
It will not help to solve the issue of a pop-up keyboard in your application.

Sorry for not being able to help you.

I purchased this plugin. I cannot seem to change the height of the plug in? I am using the new responsive design. Any suggestions? Thanks. Amy

@Ecaterina can you help me to look into this? thanks.

Hello, @whycu
Thanks for your question.

Please note that you can find the fields for Width and Height:

So, besides other options, which you can find for customizing your dropdown, you can change the Height and Width of the element.

Best regards,