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AdvancedSlider slide is clicked

Hello Team,

Quick question on advanced slider, how can I manage to just click on the image and then execute a workflow ? Because currently the only options I have are the below:


Those are all links that are redirecting me elsewhere, for e.g. if I set link to be slider’s image it opens that image in new tab.

My usecase is the following. I have advancedsliderA on main page. If I click on advancedsliderA’ slide x, a popup opens containing advancedsliderB (full screen slider with same source as advancedsliderA) and go to slide x directly.

Do you think it would be easy to simply expose a slide’s clicked ID together with the associated event, action… ?

Also, if I am missing something, thanks for letting me know.


Hi @thomas.dezuanni,

Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, we cannot help on this matter as this plugin has been developed by a different company. But you could reach out to their support team here https://bubble.io/plugin/advanced-image-slider-1542619534130x475716869344460800 where you can also find more information regarding this plugin.

Thank you for understanding.