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Agora Audio feedback/echo

Hey. Agora demo/ my own setup as instructed is causing echo/ audio feedback when I start stream. Anyone else using Agora and experiencing similar issue?

Hi @koechamos51, thanks for reaching out.

We have tested the plugin demo page and we are not encountering any issues with echo/ audio feedback.
Allow me to recommend few steps that may help you to identify the cause of echo effect:

  • please check the audio settings (input & output) of your device & browser;
  • please see if same issues you will get using a different audio output (headphones instead of boxes for example).
  • try also to check the same from a different device.

In case the issue will persist, please provide more information, like:

  • app settings screenshots;
  • the preconditions (related element settings and workflow), for reproducing this issue;
  • Loom video record of reproducing your issue + how and when you receive an error, etc.

This information will help us to investigate and resolve your case.

Thank you for understanding!