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Agora Connector not working

Hi Guys,This is a great plugin It is helping me a lo. But I am facing some problems. I setup Agora connecter and streaming component on my application. Good news streaming component is working but before the camera turns on it gives an error and I have to press start stream again, and it works.

Here is the screen Shot for your ref:

Secondly, I have another feature on the app to support 4 people group call, I added APP ID, CERTIFICATE and all the IDs but my video calling is not working, However, streaming is fine.

Requesting you to help.

Hi, @m.pulkitmadan!

Thank you for your request. I have already answered in another thread- Agora Streaming component.

Please provide more details in order to understand what is going worn and help you better, because this issue is not reproducing on our side.

Please make a double check of all the settings from the docs page. If it doesn’t help, please share the error screenshot you get (in case you receive it when doing a group call) and detailed screenshots of the plugin setup and workflow.

Best, Julia.

Hi Julia, thank you so much for your response.

Here is the screen of plugin settings

Maybe something is wrong with APP ID, Certificate, Video Call ID

Hi, @m.pulkitmadan!

Hm, looks like everything is set up correctly. Please make a double check of all IDs. In general, for the Call, it is enough using only Video Calls ID which is the same as APP ID while creating a project. But for the Screaming Component, you are using the Agora ID and Certificate ID which is taken from the project created for Streaming. So, basically, there are two projects created into Agora Dashboard.

Just in case here a two docs pages for Agora Streaming and Agora Calls.

Hope this helps!
Best, Julia.

Hi @julia.minacova Thank you for your response. Yes, you were right the ID’s were wrong. I was using the same project APP ID for everything. I made changes and its working.

Last Question to enable Cloud Recording I have to use same agora project as streaming component or create a new one? looking at the document, its the same one.
please assist

Hi, @m.pulkitmadan!

I am glad that was helpful for you :relaxed:

You are able to create a new one or use an existing Agora application created for Streaming.

Just in case, here is a docs page: https://docs.zeroqode.com/plugins/agora-api-connector-plugin/agora-streaming-component/agora-cloud-recording-for-streaming-component .

Hope this will help!
Happy holidays :tada:
Best, Julia.

Hi @julia.minacova I’m using Agora connector but I’m running into issues.

  1. The browser is not asking me permissions to access camera and microphone.
  2. It works in the debug_mode but not without it.
  3. It is working without debug_mode if I have Zoom turned on.
  4. The connector is getting initialized everytime.
  5. The Media access gives no response. Neither access allowed not access denied. It only gives media access allowed response in debug mode.

This happens on apple devices

Hi, @himanshu0608sharma!

Thanks for reaching out!

Could you please share what devices (versions), browser/os (versions) have you used and also steps you have made while testing? Also, did you try verifying on other devices?

Best, Julia!