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Agora - live streaming solution


I am trying to build a platform like Twitch where users can stream their live and post their video on their profile. Is the plug-in Aguora allowing to do that?

Thank you!


Hi @lossoanthony,

Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, it is not possible to record the stream, thus, saving it for further uploads. However, you are able to live stream with your Agora Streaming component. For more information and useful links, please check https://docs.zeroqode.com/plugins/agora-api-connector-plugin/agora-streaming-component.

Perhaps you can search for some alternatives here https://bubble.io/plugins or check our Twitch plugin here https://zeroqode.com/plugin/twitch---chat-n-stream-1533644061224x701983720989786100 that could serve as a workaround.

Hope it helps.


Hi, I’m interested in doing something similar, are you about to launch a template similar to twitch? and if not, will adding the agora plugin work in my app for public live broadcasts? I just need a person to broadcast and the other users can only watch, without adding a password to enter a room.

Hi @nowxoel,

Thanks for asking. Sure, you are able to accomplish it with Agora Streaming component. Please check our docs here for guidance and useful links like demo apps and their editors for both streamer and audience workflows.

I’m afraid we do not have such template, but we have some alternatives that can be worth checking:

Also, we even have a Twitch plugin that you can check here, perhaps it can be helpful as well.


Hi @alexandru.rusnac,
I’m sorry to answer late, ok, I guess Agora is the solution, I also see a complete twilio video chat of bubble, but apparently it does not work for me, only up to 50 people can join, what I want is for one person to broadcast live and thousands of people to see it, is it possible to do that with this plugin?

Hi @nowxoel,

Thanks for asking. I’m afraid there is a limit, but you should be able to broadcast up to one million users with our plugin, as it is something dependent on Agora platform. You can find more information here https://docs.agora.io/en/Interactive%20Broadcast/product_live?platform=All%20Platforms#key-properties.

Hope it helps.

It’s perfect for me, great, I’ll take it, thanks.

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