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Agora mixing video and agora

I’m wanting to have on the same screen is a video streaming and the Agora WebRTC. The video streaming is a high-quality video at 1080p 60fps that can be pushed to a TV.

When I put just the streamer component with the Video streaming plugin, it all works. But when I add the Agora Connector plugin to get all the extra functions, the video then stops and has no controls.

Using video.js plugin to do the streaming.

Hello @peter3, thank you for reaching out!

Could you please share screenshots with settings of the plugins’ elements that you are using on the page? It would be great if you could show screenshots where all settings are visible. That will help us to find what is causing the problem.

Best Regards,

The controls for the HLV Video stream goes away went I add the controller. We are mixing streaming and live interaction in this activity.

The code is a direct copy of your example so I could do pretesting before committing to doing the project,

Hello @peter3, thank you for providing the screenshots.

For further investigation will be needed additional information. Could you please add [email protected] as collaborators to your app and let us know the names of the app and page where the plugin is used. While adding us as collaborators please disregard the notification about limitations of your plan, in case it appears.

Best Regards,

Have added you.

The page is test

I’m testing in my own project first before adding to the new yoga project.

Hello @peter3, thank you for providing access to your app.

Could you please let me know the name of the app where you added us as collaborators?

Best Regards,

The app is cyberbund-console

Hello Peter,

Our team checked your app. Unfortunately, the issue with buttons is caused by a conflict between plugins. Our developers investigated the issue but concluded that this issue cannot be fixed. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Also, our devs mentioned that using Streaming and Connect elements on the same page will not work. Both elements have similar requests and executing in parallel will cause additional conflicts.

I hope for your understanding.

Best Regards,