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Agora push to CDN


Agora has a functionality that allows you to start pushing your streams to RTMP endpoints (can be FB, YT, etc.). I wanted to ask whether you have this implemented in your Agora plugin. Or, whether the Agora element you configure, can be accessed in JS somehow, so that I can do it myself. (maybe you publish it to the window property or other that is accessible from our project)



Hello, @AndrewSM
Thanks for reaching out and for your suggestion.

Unfortunately, but streaming to RTMP endpoints is not available in the current plugin version. However, we will analyze possibilities to add it in the future. We need to see how feasible it is for us.
I will let you know if this feature will be implemented.

Best regards,

Is there a way we can pay to have this implemented?

Also, on the plugin’s topic, I have a question, where are you taking the unique id from? (of the user connecting to the stream) It seems that if I create a user account when an anonymous user comes, and I log him in before generating an agora token, it’s not working properly. But if I refresh the page, and user is already logged in, all works well.

Hello, @AndrewSM
Thanks for your question.

Please allow me to note that we don’t implement the features on a paid basis. So, this process is related to the urgency, necessity, and workload of our development team.
However, we do not provide an approximate time frame for waiting.

In order to investigate your issue, I need to see how exactly this action is configured within your application.
Thus, can you please share the screens of your current settings?

Besides it, please carefully analyze the documentation for configuration the Streaming mode within your application:

Following it, you should not encounter any difficulties with creating IDs.

Looking to hearing from you soon.
Best regards,

Ok, well, in this case, we’ll need to rewrite the whole plugin to have these functionalities, which are crucial to us. If we cannot pay for it, or have an estimate when will they be implemented, I think there is no other choice. Thanks for the help!

Hello, @AndrewSM
I’m sorry for this inconvenience and I completely understand your feelings.

The requested feature is already in our plan for future plugin updates. I will check again with our developers the possible dates for this improvement.
However, as I noted earlier, this process is related to many factors :pray:

I will let you know once this feature will be released.
Best regards,

Sure, let me know. Thanks!

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