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Agora Video Streaming

Hi everyone,
I installed the Agora Video Conferencing Plugin in my Bubble app and followed the workflows from the live demo.

In the bubble editor demo, they have different pages (agora_streamer, agora_connector & agora_subscriber). Has someone experiences in setting this up for his app and how the different pages interact with each other?

I am also a bit struggling to set up the recording function + test it with an actual case. Unfortunately, this feature also doesn’t seem to be available for the live demo version.Screenshot 2021-02-25 at 09.56.36|690x342 (website link). So I am wondering whether any of you has installed agora and used the recording function?

Any advice on that would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Hello, @noedo. Thanks for reaching out.
Please accept my apologies for the late reply.

The agora_connector page - is a demo page dedicated to presenting a video conferencing functionality:

On this demo page, you can create a video conferencing room, while other users can join it if they know the room ID/name. You can find the corresponding documentation on setting up the video conference functionality here:

The agora_streamer page - is a demo page dedicated to presenting a video streaming functionality, specifically, for the streamer side setup. Demo page streamer:
Documentation and guide on setting up a streaming component you can find here:

The agora_subscriber page - is a demo page dedicated to presenting a video streaming functionality, specifically, for the audience side setup. Demo page audience:

Please note: the stream recording feature is available on the agora_streamer demo page only if the streamer has started an active stream with at least 1 peer (audience member). The guide on how to set up the stream recording feature you can find here:

We have tested this feature before posting this reply - everything is working on our side. To make this functionality work on your side as well, you need to follow the plugin documentation very attentively.

Please take into consideration that in a case of a mistake in your streaming/stream recording setup, weak internet connection, incompatibility in device/OS, etc with the Agora Web RTC libraries - it might be possible that the plugin will work with issues or not work at all on your side.

Our plugin is using Agora Web RTC libraries and it is not generating the data by itself - it is connecting your Agora account with the Bubble application and provides you with the functionalities which you have purchased alongside the Agora subscription. Thus, in case of some trouble, it is quite necessary to check the Agora FAQ documentation, as well as the plugin documentation.

Hope it helps. Take care.