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Air BBcode to HTML

Recently started using the HTML converter.

I am having issues getting images to show up on my emails.
The preview of the HTML code looks good but the emails don’t show the images.
Please help.
Thank you,

Hello, @michael.barkemeyer
Thank you for reaching out and please accept my sincere apologies for the late reply :pray:

When you convert your text to HTML (with images), some mail clients might not convert them back to normal view because they are working with BBCode.

Thus let me recommend you send BBCode instead of HTML text via “send email” action.

Hope it helps :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you Kate.
I appreciate the response and the time you took to create the quick video.

I have been using BBCode on the “send email” action and it works great for me.
The challenge I have is twofold.

  1. It is my understanding from reading countless blog posts that “send email” uses Sendgrid to perform the execution of sending the mail and that they are not that reliable". I have seen tons of complaints on blogs of emails not being delivered, etc.
  2. It is also my understanding that using the “send email” action which bubble built only allows for 100 emails per day.
    Due to these reasons I have been looking for an alternative to Sendgrid and just using the built in “send email” action.
    There are other email clients such as Postmark that I have looked at as well as Mailersend, but I have not been successful in getting the RTE output to those email providers in such a way where the result mirrors what was put into the rich text editor.

I am able to now convert the BBCode to HTML and send emails with both Postmark and Mailersend. Some of the formatting however is still not correct and as I know very little about HTML, I am still not able to get the results I need from either Postmark or Mailersend. My preference would be Mailersend, due to the quantity of free emails per month they allow.

I am happy to take any suggestions you may have.

Thanks again

@michael.barkemeyer ,
Thank you for your patience.

Regarding the alternatives to Sendgrid: I suppose, only those who tried them can give the best feedback :slight_smile: Such as:

I have tested the Postmark plugin with our HTML to BBCode plugin and it seem to work quite nice


Hope it helps. :slightly_smiling_face: