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Air BNB, Zapier, Video 10 and 11 HELP NEEDED

Hi All,

I am really lost and hope to get some direction with the Air BNB course.

1). Video 10 - My booking is not totalling up ‘number up people’ as part of the total price but only calculates the number of days, I’ve gone over the course a few times and I can’t figure out what could have gone wrong. Please see my screenshots of my work -

![Screenshot 2021-02-28 at 18.45.38|690x431]

2). Video 11 - I’m trying to connect Zapier to Bubble and I seem to be getting different results to the course on my google spreadsheet.

Below shows the results from the course…

Below are my results…

3). The course tutor mentions to refer to his notes but I haven’t seen any or know where to find them. Does anyone know where I can find these?

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Thank you,
Weisy :slight_smile:

Hey @Weisy! Thanks for reaching out.

  1. If you are talking about the “charge the current user” action - the total price is calculated by the formula “total number of days * listing price”, not including the number of guests. So your setup is correct and it is corresponding to the course material. :slightly_smiling_face:

  2. Please make sure you have followed carefully the instructor in the lesson and have the correct setup in the “trigger Zapier zap” action and when you test this step in Zapier - it returns the success.

  3. Apologies for this, but the course does not have the instructor’s notes indeed (they are mentioned, but not provided in a bundle with the course). Sorry for this kind of inconvenience. :pray:

Let me know if you need any more help.
Take care.

Hi @kate

Thank you for your email.

I’ve gone over the course again to figure out if I’ve missed and I can’t spot what I could have missed. Could you take a look and see if anything looks odd to you?

On some of my google spreadsheet in Zapier some of the rows shows ‘No Data’ on those Querystring. What does that mean?

Many Thanks


Your setup seems to be pretty the same as the instructor has. All I can recommend here is checking if after hitting the “Continue” button, you receive the success page with confirmation of your fields, as it is shown in the lesson:

Hope it helps :pray:

Hi @kate

After I hit continue my success page confirmation is different to the instructor, please see below…

Is there anyway of reaching the instructor and asking for their opinion? Without this the whole app wouldn’t work.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Many Thanks


It seems like your Excel cells have incorrect data types. For instance, the Check-In Date column should be a date, but as I can see it’s an integer now (or something like that).

I can recommend you to re-do this Zapier zap action once again and create a new document on the Zapier as well. It is quite strange indeed why does your current setup is not displayed properly, but sometimes it happens.

Please try to re-do this step and let me know.
Take care. :pray:

Hi @kate,

Hope this message finds you well.

I’m having such a nightmare with this…I’ve attempted twice and still no luck getting the same results as the instructor :frowning:

I came across a message on Zapier, it says I’m using an outdated version of Bubble on but I’m just following the course. Could this be what’s affecting the results?

If this isn’t the problem would it be worth you looking deeper if I send you my logins?

Many Thanks,

Please forgive my late reply.

If I’m not mistaken, Bubble has made an integration with Zapier and, perhaps, it requires the latest Bubble editor version. Can you please check both (your current editor version and the following link):

Hope it helps. I’m sorry for not being helpful yet. :slightly_frowning_face: