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Air Calendar error when using workflows

Hey Team,

I am just trying to get the air calendar in my app up and running but having some trouble. Right now I have a bunch of errors that bubble is showing me telling me the following error message: You’re using this action but haven’t installed the plugin Air calendar (Air Calendar 5.9.0) (testing)


Am I missing something here? I definitely have the plugin installed and the workflows I’m using all show up as options in when selecting the workflow type. I originally copied and pasted elements from the demo page but have since tried deleting them all and doing it myself on my application but still no luck. Any advise is greatly appreciated <3

Hello @dkaufman4747,

Thanks for reaching out and for your purchase.

We’re sorry to hear about the challenges you’ve encountered while setting up the plugin. It appears that the issue stems from using the Air Calendar element from our demo page, which is currently in “testing mode.” Testing mode is designed for plugin development, allowing creators to instantly test changes without creating new versions. However, this mode is only accessible to the plugin creator.

For your needs, you should use the commercial version of the Air Calendar element, which should be readily available to you in the elements tab, without the “(testing)” label.

Could you please try using it from there and let us know if it will work for you?

Looking forward to your reply. :pray:

Best regards,

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Hey Stephan, I went and deleted everything I had copied into my app and then remade it without copy pasting again and it worked perfectly this time.


Hello @dkaufman4747,

Glad to hear that you found the cause of your inquiry, sometimes Bubble may have weird behavior. Please feel free to reach us again when you need some help or assistance. It will be a pleasure to cooperate!

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