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Air Calendar - showing different data type fields on calendar entry view


I’ve just purchased Air Calendar, and liking what it can do so far - still lots of exploring to do!!

Couple of quick questions:

  1. Is there anyway to add more summary text to the items that appear in the calendar. For instance for a task, show the task owner? i.e. choose additional fields to show from the data type?
  2. Also, is there anyway to add an icon at the start of the items that appear in the calendar. I want to be able to show a different icon depending on the type of item I add. For instance one icon if I am adding a ‘task’ calendar item and another if I add a ‘issue to resolve’ calendar item.

Thanks for your help!!

Hi @nicholasjhoulton, thanks for your questions.

Additional fields information can be shown by using the event unique id as a reference.

You can use the “Custom HTML” option to display such icons. it allows adding required visual elements.

Hope the provided hints will help. Drop a message if any other plugin-related support will be required :wink:.