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Air Chart Pro - Real-time data


I’m interested to buy the Air Chart Pro Plugin, but I do need real-time data and I see the plugin is offering this. When I checked the demo admin, I can’t find the option to activate that, and there is no mention of it in the documentation.

Would you have some infos on how this function is working ?

Thanks very much!

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Hi there @geoffrey, :wave:

Thank you for your message and for making a purchase. We’re on your question and aim to provide a response promptly. We’re grateful for your patience and cooperation. Stay well.

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Hello @geoffrey, :wave:

Thank you for your patience :pray:

After careful testing, here is what we found regarding real-time data functionality: the plugin is designed to update charts dynamically if the data source changes. If you’re using data from your database with a “Do a search” query in Bubble, the charts will automatically update in real-time when the database is modified. This means that the plugin inherently supports real-time data updates, ensuring that your charts reflect the most current information without the need for manual refreshes.

However, it sounds like you’re looking for specific configuration options to activate real-time updates. While the plugin automatically updates the charts based on data changes, there is not be a distinct “activate” option for real-time functionality—it’s built into how the plugin responds to data changes.

I would like to learn more about your specific needs for real-time data implementation. Could you share more details on where you’re sourcing the data for your diagrams and how you envision them being updated? Understanding your use case better will help me provide more tailored advice or explore additional solutions that meet your requirements.

Thanks very much for reaching out, and I look forward to assisting you further! :pray:

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