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Air copy to clipboard error

It seems that Zeroqode has the best ideas for plugins, but they don’t work. :frowning: The page is called ambassador_program.

The next one I am having an issue with is Air Copy to Clipboard.

All of a sudden it stopped working.

Please see this loom:

Hi @ben3, thanks for reporting this issue.

You are right, the plugin now has some fields that have to be removed from the plugin. We’ll do it asap.

Have a nice day!

Dear @ben3, thanks for your patience.

We have made a plugin update that should fix the issue you all were facing - the error that was appearing on the page load on the 2.4.0 version.

Please upgrade your plugins to the 2.5.0 (removed unnecessary fields and fixed bugs) version and give it a try.

Please also note:

  • when you are using the “Copy to clipboard” action, don’t forget to paste there an ID of the element which text you’d like to copy to the clipboard. It will help you not to get the Cannot read property ‘select’ of null error.

  • if you want to copy to clipboard a text from the thing that is not present on the page (current page URL, for example) - use the “Copy from the text” action.

  • if you want to copy to clipboard a text from some group or RG - use the “Copy from the element” action and indicate which group you’d like to use in the Element ID field

Hope it helps


Hi @serg ! I’m getting the same issue as ben3 after the version upgrade. Does seems you’ve got a fix for me by adding the action “Copy from the text”. The thing is, I just can’t find it. Tried to add this action on a button. https://cln.sh/OJ4bfR

Can’t find the action “Copy from the element” either.

That said, thanks for developing this nifty feature. Just love the ux of click to copy!


Hi @eivindhaa, thanks for reaching out and your appreciation.

Please be sure to have placed the plugin element on the page. This should help to trigger all three plugin’s actions.

Hope it helps.