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Air Date Time Picker Problem

I was on version 3.2.0 and everything was working fine. Had a user tell me that the dates were not loading correctly anymore. The issue I noticed is when the field in the database is empty, the date picker will not clear itself out to show there is no date. It holds the previous date it displayed.

I updated the plugin to the newest version and noticed going from 3.7.0 to 3.8.0 the date picker won’t pull any dates from the database, it just remains blank. (I’m using autobind)

attached are videos showing how the dates are not updating and the setup I have for the picker. The text field next to the date box is what is in the database and what the air date time picker should be showing.



Hi @kidkeeper, thanks for your message.
Allow me to check the provided information internally with the developer team, and come back with a reply asap.
Thank you for understanding.


Hi @kidkeeper, thanks for your patience.
Regarding your issue, please check if you have set up the rights in the “Privacy” tab, namely related to the “date” category.

If the privacy rules have a proper setup and the issue persists, please let us know.

Hi Serg,

Thanks for responding. I’m not sure exactly what you want. I do have privacy rights in place. Attached is a screen shot of the privacy tab specifically for childfile which is where this issue is happening. The date dropped and date enrolled are the 2 fields in the video that don’t update.

Since it is loading the dates when they are entered, would it be a privacy issue? When I type a date in it does change the field in the thing like it should. It’s just not updating when a new thing is loaded that doesn’t have dates to reflect that the dates are empty.

Hello, @kidkeeper.
Please accept my apologies for the delayed reply :pray:

I have replicated your case in my test application and indeed it might be the plugin’s bug. Let us please look for the root cause of that issue with our developers.

Meanwhile, can you please try to use the older version - 3.6.0? Pay your attention to the fact that when the Initial date field is empty - the plugin will return the last shown date. So please add this condition to your plugin element:


No problem, thanks.

I’m currently using 3.2.0 and its still happening. Also I do have an initial date set, and its still doing it.