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Air Date/Time Picker V2: error when using it with custom langauge

Good morning,
I recently installed the Air Date/Time Picker for a bubble project I am currently working on. It’s greatly customisable and works efficiently for about 99% of what I need, which is great!

There is only one problem: I had to configure the plugin with a custom langauge since I needed it in Italian. It works fine in the sense that the date pciker shows the day and months name in my language, but there is always the following error running in the background:

It is impossible to process a custom language. English language is enabled.

The problem is, I can not disable English language since the dropdown select that asks for the language doesn’t have an “empty” field. Am i misusing the plugin or is it indeed a small bug?
Also, I tried using the deprecated version of the plugin and it works just fine with custom language, but I can’t/don’t want to use a deprecated component.

I attach some screenshots for clarity.


Hi @Manny, thanks for reporting this moment.

I’ve passed it on to the developer team for the research. Once any feedback will appear, I will let you know asap.


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Hi @Serg, thank you for the reply and for passing the issue to the dev team!

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Hi @Manny, thanks for your patience.

We’ve pushed a plugin fix that removed the above-mentioned error. Please update your plugin to the newest version (3.51.0: Fixed custom language) and give it a try.

If there will be any other plugin-related questions that we can help with, please let me know :wink:


Hello @Serg , I just had some time to test the new updated plugin and the error disappeared!
Thank you and the devs team for the prompt communication and fix of the bug. Your plugins are really making my work life easier :smile:



Hi @Manny, thanks for your feedback, and glad to hear the fix helped :hugs:

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