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Air Date/Time Picker


on the BNB Rental Market Template they use the Air date/Time Picker plugin and I am running in the following problem:

The way it is set up now is that the user can choose the start date and the end date. After choosing for example the 11 of July (Start date) to 14 of July (End date), the result is that the user is booking 3 nights (which is correct if you book f.e. hotel stays).

On my application the users are booking days (not nights). Which means if they book from the 11 of July to the 14 of July, they are actually booking 4 days (not 3 nights). I also want my users to be able just to book 1 day (f.e. 11 July to 11July and the price would be the price for one day).

I can not figure out how to achieve that. Does anyone know how to achieve that?


Hi, Johann!

Thanks for reaching out!

To achieve your goal regarding counting Start Day and End Day you need to remove “-1” in the condition of the element- “Text Total [size=2]for Ai” and in the Appearance section of this element as well:

Also, change the “nights” on “days” in the same element sections:


Hope this helps!
Best, Julia.

Hi Julia,

I don’t know what happened but now for some reason it is not possible anymore just to book one day. If I want to book more than one day it works.

After following your instructions my problem with the day count was solved (it worked). But Stripe was still counting the “old way”. So I changed the workflow on the “Book now” button.

First it worked on the computer version but not on the mob version. I did in both versions exactly the same conditions, appearance and workflow. Now I can not book anymore for only 1 day on both versions (web and mob). If I want to book for more than one day it works. Maybe I also have to make changes on the search (search mob) conditions/appearance/workflow?

I attach the screenshots and I also put [email protected] in my collaboration list. I hope that I have not destroyed the whole workflow.

Could you please check on that?

Hi, Johann!

Sorry, but we cannot provide exact solutions on this matter as it is beyond our support services. We can only show how our product works or help with occurring errors to be fixed. I can understand your request, but it is a custom implementation based on your app that you are trying to build with its Bubble logic behind. The support that we provide with templates covers only general guidance and bug fixing if something is wrong with the template. We cannot provide step by step instructions of every modification that you want to do with the template. However, if you’d like us to set the stripe payment according to new date modification you can hire us.

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Thanks for understanding! :pray:
Best, Julia.