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Air Native Beta has ended

Today I went to do more testing with the Air Native beta app on IOS and it said the Beta has expired. I searched the iOS App Store and cannot find any mention of a “non beta” version.

Where can I get more information about the Air Native app or how to test my dev before committing to a ‘version’? (I have paid for an Air Native license).


Hi @pwharker,

Thank you for reaching out to us :pray:

We have reviewed your questions and have relayed them to our Air Native Specialist, who will assist you further. They will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you have any plugin-related questions, feel free to reach out to us here on the forum or at

Wishing you a productive Monday :hugs:

Hi @pwharker,
Thank you for your message and patience.

We’ve uploaded a new build and it is ready for testing now.
Please try opening this link below and let me know if everything works with the Air Native preview app.

Once inside the app, just copy/paste your Bubble app URL and preview it. :slight_smile:

In case there will be other product-related questions, please let me know.
All the best, :pray:

Thanks, it appears to active again.

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