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Air Native inquiry

Hey I am curious about your Air Native Plugin, and I have some questions before I consider purchasing it.

My app is best served by a web app format for the customer facing portion, but better served with a mobile format for the internal employee facing portion. As such I need to have both multiple pages for the web application, but a single page dedicated to the mobile version.

I wanted to clear up some questions I have after reading you plugin documentations.

  1. When I submit the app to be wrapped will you only wrap the pages I have marked as a Native mobile app or will you attempt to wrap the entire application?

  2. It is unclear based off your documentation on whether the price of 299 build is intended for you to build it or intended for me to build it on bubble. I ask this because I have already started building it on bubble, and i am wondering if I should stop if the price already includes a build.

  3. The app uses a lot of map box gps location services, will there be a problem with this plugin when wrapping that i need to know about? or rather is there any issues using the plug ins I want?

  4. On the Bubble market place the plug in costs only $29 dollars is there a way for me to do the building and publishing using just your plug in? Or do does it have to be the $299 build +499 publish price tag?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @johannhaltiner, thanks for your questions.

Please find the answers below:

The Air Native service wraps the whole application.

The Air Native service is wrapping the current bubble app you have (which can be even not the final one). This allows the customer to start testing and check/adjust the app build and setup. After the final app setup becomes available, the customer can request a build update from Zeroqode (if needed). We are only wrapping the bubble app that you have into native, we do not build the bubble app itself unless it is a customization request which we can also handle if you like. So the $299 price is just converting your existing bubble app into native iOS and Android.

The mapbox plugin will also work in the native apps, but please note that current mobile device policies don’t allow location services to work in the device’s standby mode or when the app is minimized on the device. Also, on the first build, you can also check the location services work.

The iOS and Android builds of your app cost $299, and then you will have to handle the publishing process on your own (with a couple of instructions from us to help you).
The $499 add-on is the publishing service that you can purchase so we’ll handle all the publishing process after upload.
And if you need to implement any native features (e.g. Touch ID, Push Notifications, etc.) you simply get the Air Native Plugin for $29 and all the features will be available to you.

Hope the provided answers help. In case there will be anything else that I can help with about our services, please drop a message here :wink: