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Air Native - password reset

Hi All,

Im migrating users in from outside bubble and need them to reset passwords when using my app for the first time.

How can I get my reset password email to link back into my app? Its currently going into the browser not the app which is not user friendly.


Hi @chaddickson83,
Thank you for reaching out.

In case you already have the native app wrapped with our Air Native service, you can use the Deeplinking feature which is injected into the build version code.
Deeplinking (or Universal Links, or Dynamic Links, or Deep Links) — is the ability to redirect users from a web app to a native app. If the native app is installed on their mobile devices, it will simply open it.

How it works
The simplest example: you are searching for some songs on the web and you find Spotify links. You click on it and the Spotify app opens on your phone.

To easily understand what a scheme is, here is an example:

  • Your web app URL is https://www.instagram.com which comes with the “https://” protocol in front
  • if accessing this url, it will open the web app because of the protocol (it knows that it is a web app so it redirects you to the browser)
  • now, a scheme is a keyword that replaces the “https://” with something like “instagramapp://” then followed by the same domain www.instagram.com
  • The full URL for deep linking, in this case, would be instagramapp://www.instagram.com

How to use a scheme
Simply add the Open an external website action to your Bubble workflows, then use the deeplink with your own scheme instead of a regular web app URL. Usually, we set the scheme for our clients by following this principle: your_app_nameapp://

  • eatyapp://
  • innerspaceapp://

You can place a button on your Bubble page with this workflow, then if your users will open the web app in the mobile browser and click this button — it will open the native app (if installed on their phone).

Hope the above will be useful for you.

Please try my suggestions, and let me know if it helped.
Best regards,

Thanks @Igor I have it opening the app but getting a server cant be found error.

Any ideas?

Hi @chaddickson83,
Thank you for your reply.

Can you please share a screenshot of your workflow setup to see where and how you are using the link for the deep-linking feature?
If I’m not mistaken, your app name is safebandz, in this way the correct format of the URL should be like this: safebandz://app.safebandz.com/

Please check the format of the deep link URL and let me know if helps.
Best regards,