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Air native Preivew app not working with plugin functionality?

Hi, im here because the other app wrappers didn’t seem well maintained. I am currently trying to test out the air native plugin and have been replacing some elements of my app with it. Currently trying out GPS. I have it set up where on page load it requests permission for location, then starts tracking, updates users location, then stops tracking.

But i cant seem to get it to pop up and request permissions in the preview app.
Does the preview app even support these features or is it merely a browser to just test out how elements look in the browser?

If so i find it a bit odd but understandable, but natively and the bdk seem to allow this for app development with their plugins.

@Igor Hi, Would you happen to know the answer to this? is a build needed for development of the app? or can you use the preview app for testing native plugin functionalities?

I believe someone also has this question and is trying to use the vibrate functionality in the latest forum post in this section.

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Hello @OMO,

Thank you for reaching out and expressing interest in the Air Native service. :pray:

To effectively test the Air Native plugin, it’s necessary to first convert your Bubble application into mobile versions for iOS and Android using the Air Native service. The plugin is designed to function exclusively within a mobile app that has been wrapped using the Air Native service.

The Native Preview app is intended to provide a glimpse of how your Bubble app will appear on different screen sizes before conversion. Please note, however, that some functionality may be limited in this preview version, as it’s not a fully wrapped app but rather a representation of your Bubble app.

If you’re keen to test the Air Native plugin, you can download the Air Native plugin app on your device to explore its features. Try it out here for iOS, and here for Android.

Should you have any more questions related to our products, feel free to ask.

Wishing you a happy holiday season ahead. :christmas_tree:

Best regards,

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