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Air Native Push Notifications - Device ID not being recorded

I followed the setup guide for setting up the Air Native plugin for my native wrapped bubble app. However, even after following each step, I am unable to record the Device ID and therefore, push notifications are not being sent.

Below are some screenshots:

Plugin setup:

As an FYI, I am collecting the Device ID as a text type.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @anthony.woodard91,
Thank you for this detailed message, we highly appreciate you using our plugins. :pray:

Can you please check if you have placed the Air Native plugin element on the working page as it is shown in the screenshot below?

In case the Device_ID is empty, make sure the plugin element is placed on the page and is visible.

You can also check if you get the correct Device_ID from the User’s device in the OneSignal dashboard → Users tab, also from that dashboard, you can send Push Notifications to the users.

Hope it helps.
Please let me know the name of your app in case the issue still persists.
Best regards, :slight_smile: