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Air Native - User Email question

Hi All,

Can I get details of the user who has downloaded the app in Bubble?

I would like to show an element if the user who downloads the app is already a user.


Hi @chaddickson83

Thanks for reaching out.

The information regarding the number of downloads can be seen in your App Store connect account. As for your question, I am not quite sure I understand what you mean by “downloading the app in Bubble”, as of right now the app can only be downloaded from the stores (App store, Google store).

It is probably possible to extract the info from the stores, but not through a particular plugin, and this information would need to extracted via an API connector. *
App Store connect API docs Apple Developer Documentation
Google Play Developer API docs Google Play Developer API  |  Google Developers

In case you have any other questions, simply let me know :slight_smile:



Thanks Kirill,

We are looking at launching out app this week however getting a long load time after the zeroqode splash screen.

Do most people not choose this option and have something in bubble?

I wouldn’t mind some suggestions to speed this up or make it a bit more user friendly. Currently it shows the splash screen then white screen until the app loads


Would you mind sharing the way your app loads right now? Video recording would be preferable :slight_smile: I’ll also check with our native team to see if something can be done to fix long loading times.

Looking forward to your reply.