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Airbnb clone template


Let’s discuss questions about the Airbnb Clone Template here :slight_smile:


I see there is a room and room_2 page. What’s the difference?



Hi room is used for regular users to see the listing, while room_2 is for the listing owners.
But they are pretty much alike and perhaps for optimization they could be combined on 1 page


Is it possible to allow hosts to charge different prices by dates? Or at least charge a weekday and weekend rate?

Is there a way to change this in bubble or is there another template where this is possible that I could copy from?


Hello, thanks for posting this question.
By default it’s not configured in the template but it shouldn’t be very complicated to add this functionality in the app once you purchase the template.


hi levon,
after booking,
Can the customer cancel it? How does the money refund apply?


Cancellation process isn’t included in this template, as it requires some decisions, that has to be considered by the template owner.

Let’s assume case that you want just add possibility to cancel any of your bookings:

  • Will you then keep all the bookings unpaid until the very day of book-in, and withdraw the money from client only that day?
  • Or you will withdraw the money from clients when order accepted, and pay to the properties on the arrival date?
  • Or you will withdraw the money from clients and pay to properties at the same day, and than you apply any cancellation procedure, where you withdraw the money from property and pay to client…

There can be so many possible scenarios here so we decided to leave this open.


ok,I understand
one last question,
Can the person who posted the offer reject a reservation request?


Same story here… We didn’t apply this possibility.