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AirBnB Course - Connecting Bubble with Google Sheets and Zapier

Hi There,

I understand this has come up for people.

Wondering how I can most efficiently handle the solution.

The outcome I’m looking to achieve is getting the fields to properly sync in google sheets and Zapier from Bubble, when a transaction takes place with stripe, when the user “books” a room. For my app, the “booking” is replaced with “buy now” and the “reservation” is replaced by “offer”. Check in and check out are replaced with “start date” and “end date”.

I also don’t currently know if my “current user” and “creators” are properly synced and wondering how to ensure they have the correct data assignments.

Hello! You should just follow the steps of Zapier setup from the lesson 10 and 11. The idea is to set up data to transfer in your Bubble app workflow after you install Zapier plugin. To do it choose the data in text, number and data fields, and then put it respectively in Zapier application. Don’t forget to connect your Google account and choose already prepared Google Sheet.