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Airbnb course subscriptions needed

Hey, just wondering what subscription package I need on blockspring to keep my random string to keep generating! The Pages subscription possibly? Thanks!

Hello, @schmalzcody19
Thanks for reaching out.

I’m afraid that the mentioned issue is a bit confusing :pray:
Can you please provide me with more details regarding the scenario you are trying to implement?

As I understand you correctly, you are trying to implement the Blockspring functionality within your application and to add a possibility to subscribe on each page separately?

If yes, can you please describe how exactly you are willing to implement it?

Looking to hearing from you soon.
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Hello, @schmalzcody19

By this reply, I would like to add some details to my previous message in this thread.
As you have mentioned, Blockspring is a paid option currently. However, it is not a problem.

Please note that you are free to use any free plugin, which will generate the random string for your users, or use the built-in function on Bubble for this.

At the moment, each new value in the Bubble App Data has a Unique ID field which you can use for that case. Also, you can use Bubble’s “Calculate formula” state for text elements:

Hope it will help you.
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