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Airbnb Course - Video 31

Hi, I am having issues viewing video 31 of Airbnb course as the screen is totally dark when it is played but audio is fine. All other videos have no such issue and would appreciate your advice please.


Hello, @leonlimyt. Thanks for reaching out.

Would you kindly advise what device you are using to watch the lessons? What OS and Browser you are using? This info can help us investigate and troubleshoot the problem.

As I can see, this issue is not permanent for the 31st lesson, because on my side there’s no issues with the video.

Also, as a temporary solution, can you please clear the browser cookies, Incognito mode or try to use any other browsers like Chromium, Firefox (Dev), Opera, Vivaldi, Edge, etc?

Thank you for understanding :pray:
Regards, Kate

Hi Kate, thanks for your prompt response. I just tried using Microsoft Edge browser and it seems to be working fine. FYI, I had tried using Incognito mode when I hit the problem but it didn’t fix the issue and I raised the issue on the forum. I have been using Chrome browser since video 1 and had no issues until I reached video 31. I will use Edge to continue the training but just curious why only video 31 has this weird blackout issue.

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Thank you for the information :pray:

We will try to figure out the reason for this issue and fix it asap. Thank you for your patience and cooperation. Fortunately, you’re not getting that error using Edge and can continue studying :slightly_smiling_face:

When this issue will be fixed, I let you know at once.
Regards, Kate