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Airbnb lesson 9, time 6:40

Hi, l am having trouble with the Rooms page. I have a random number for the ID and works well when a new host puts stuff into the Listing. I have created a group on the page but when l put the data source into the group the result doesn’t work. My lesson #9_4

I notice that my version of Bubble is a little bit different but have tried all angles to get it to work and nothing seems to do the trick.

These are the images from the course:

These is what l am getting with the setting in the database:

As you can see, the options on my version of Bubble are different (Get?parameterfrompageURL)

Really stuck on getting the info into the page and it’s essential as so many other elements rely on it in the group.

Cheers, from Mar

Hello @mar. Thanks for reaching out.

Yup, they differ a bit on the surface, but do the same job. Can you please try to do the following:

  1. on the page room create a group, call it group_id;
  2. indicate its type to Listing, source - Do a search for Listing :first item;
  3. in the “Search for Listings” add the ID constraint;
  4. in the ID constraint choose the “Get data from page URL”;
  5. set the Parameter name - id.
To preview that the page shows the data for the specific ID, please insert the ?id={id} to the end of your URL.

This should help :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Kate, thank you so much for explaining it all in detail. It’s much appreciated.
However, it still doesn’t seem to work in refreshing the page nor adding to the URL manually. There must be something l am doing wrong.

I’m baffled.


Have you set the “search” page, as shown in the 9th lesson? I mean the Link element - it can be a necessary part. Can you please preview the lesson once more and recreate the rooms page from the very beginning?

Also, I can take a look at your app and try to find where you have stuck and how to resolve your issue. You need to add our email as a collaborator of your app (Settings > Collaboration). Support account can be added even if your app plan is a Hobby.


Hi Kate. I found the problem in lesson 6. I learned a lot from that mistake.


Okay, glad to hear that you’ve succeeded to find and resolve your problem. Please let me know when you will have any troubles with this course :pray:


Hello @mar @kate I am facing the same issue as you, how did you solve this, if you can share. Thank you!


I gave up on it.I was spending way too must time on it and once one issue was solved, l would stumble upon another.

Maybe I’ll go back to it some day.

Thank you Mar, I understand!

Hello @kate @Serg @alexandru , I hope you are doing well.
I added up the email as a collaborator since I have the same issue as Mar. I appreciate it if you can help me with this. Thank you!

Please accept my sincere apologies for such a late reply :pray:

I have checked your application and added a few things to make it work. Let me please explain what you needed to add, to make the listing ID appear in the room page URL:

  1. I’ve added the link element on the s page with the additional parameter in the URL (parameter - Current listing ID):

    Now, each new listing opened from the s page will be opened in the new tab with the ID parameter in the URL.
  2. Each of your listings should have a unique ID. I’ve added some to make those listing have some relevant data when you open them on the room page.
  3. I’ve modified a bit your rooms page (images section), hope you don’t mind. :slightly_smiling_face:

How does it work now:

Hope it helps! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Dear Kate,

Thank you for the explanatory video. I appreciate your help and support and for explore and solved the issue I have; the documentation was clear. I bought the Lifetime Access Plan in Zeroqode, and I am doing the courses from Zeroqode; the challenge I have in the next 30 days is to finish all the lessons and build all the projects you have in the classes. At the same time, I am also reading the materials and posts in the bubble forum.

But before I continue in the process, I have a question for you @kate; what is your suggestion when presenting an issue like this one? I will face gaps related that my version of Bubble was slightly different or advanced when Zeroqode created the courses. Should I make one post in the forum for each issue? Please let me know the best way to report these problems facilitating you and your team the job and easy way of reviewing and solving these cases.

I will go over each lesson of all courses; it will help the community and the new learners and customers.

Thank you,


Perfect Kate :wink:! Thank you


Regarding this particular issue with the Get parameter ID - the resolution for this case was in the next lesson, to be short. :slightly_smiling_face:

Extended explanation: when someone is previewing the Bubble page where data depends on the particular element ID, it won’t display that data if the ID parameter is not present in the page. The page won’t display a thing when you are previewing it without the ID of the room.

The point is, when you’re previewing the page where the ID parameter is set as the data constraint,
the bubble is searching for this ID, before displaying any data. Your page has no ID parameter in the URL - that’s why your page is empty. But if you create the search page (as it is described in the same and next lesson), and add the link element, that will open a new page with the specific room ID -
the room page will display this room’s data.

You can email us, write to intercom, create a forup post whenever you face some critical issues with the course. We will be glad to help. :slightly_smiling_face:

I understand the point of your question. Indeed, our courses are a bit outdated, but are still useful and it is possible to recreate the materials are shown in them. The particular case with the “Get the page ID” parameter is not en exception. Yes, the actual design of this parameter was changed with the Editor update, but is still possible to use it.

Please, feel free to reach us out when you have some questions or need help.
Have a good Friday and a wonderful weekend ahead!

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@Kate, thank you for the extended explanation with the Get parameter ID; it´s clear. I am glad that you and the Zeroqode Team will be there regarding the support in the following lessons.

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You are always welcome :slightly_smiling_face:
Thank you for your kind words. Be sure we will do our best to help you once you reach out.

Have a good day!