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Airbnb Responsive Video Question

When adjusting for responsiveness, is there a way to create a break where once the boxes are shifted they fill the top space rather than the bottom? For example, Boxes 1 2 3 4 are all in one line. Normally, once the page gets smaller, boxes 3 and 4 will go underneath the current location of boxes 1 & 2 (simply placing beneath the current row), I would want the opposite: Boxes 1 & 2 would fill up the space above, they would “stack on top of the current row”. I am looking for the first option below

1234 would become 34 (see how 12 is above the original row of 1234?)

Rather than
1234 becoming 12
----------------------34 (see how 34 has been placed underneath the original row 1234)

Hello, @enrique.barco96
Thanks for reaching us.

Please allow me to recommend you send your request to the Bubble Support team ([email protected]) because they for sure will help you with understanding and editing of elements in the Bubble Editor.

Also, please analyze this Tutorial, which will help you to understand the mechanism of the Responsive design:



Hope it will help you.