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🏡 AirBNB Template from Zeroqode updated with Stunning Design



Hey Bubblers,
One of Zeroqode’s oldest and most popular templates - HomeBNB Rentals like AirBNB - has received a major design upgrade and now looks stunning! The functionality of the template has also been upgraded for a smoother experience.

Here is a youtube overview:

or click here for a live demo: https://rentalstemplate.bubbleapps.io/

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Levon Terteryan

Founder @ Zeroqode


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I have previously purchased this template, Am I going to have to purchase it again to get the updated design?


Hello @jrconsults

Thanks for reaching out!

No, it is not required to make a different purchase to get the latest updates.
Simply create a new application from the existing template license to get the updated design.
FYI: here’s our How to - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-8nthCAACU
for creating applications from a template.

Hope this helps.




Can we customize this template in the following (either though adding plugins or if it’s already a feature for the template):

1.add different categories (e.g home, hotel)
2. Add different features (E.g size (s,m,l), wifi, 24/7 support etc)
3. Is the messaging an email between vendor and customer or the app tracks all the messages
4. Can we have recurring payments, eg. for long term rentals ( 3-4 months) do we need 3-4 rentals, or we can have in rental with payments being discounted every month from customer?
5.can we set Service fees for every transaction and the app will handle payment?
6. Is there any payment gateway that supports Brazilian credit cards (master, visa) without paying foreign fee. I’m not sure if stripe is well used over there.
7. Can we add KYC with id verification?
8. Can a vendor add multiple postings options for the same place: e.g ( full house, one price, 1 room another price)
9. Can the vendor add discounts in the platform( e.g first month 50% off, others normal price)
10. Is there any plugin for mail marketing and support for users (e.g users trying to resolve a dispute and we intermediating)

Tks in advance,


Hello @leonardo.deana

Thanks for reaching out! Let me provide insight on the matter.

Yes, it is possible to add different categories, check the Admin Page demo.

Yes it should be possible, this will require additional customization as that now there are predefined features currently seen in template.

The Messaging is inside the platform which are tracked by the platform.

This can be implemented via customization, currently it does not come with recurring events for payments.

Yes, should be possible to this however customizing the current workflow is required.

Something like , can be used.

It is possible, but currently the template does not come with this option, I’m afraid.

Yes, it possible.

It should be possible by customizing the template, the feature does not come out the box.

It is possible to use the standard sent email feature of bubble or via a plugin (https://zeroqode.com/plugin/sendinblue-smtp-1550378934452x281785382632685570) or connect as service via API Connector .

Hope this helps.



Thanks for the response.

I’m really considering this one for my project. Is that a way for us to get a free trial or a dev platform to gage the scope of work and challenges on the few gaps we see?



Thanks for checking back! @leonardo.deana

Unfortunately there is no trial for our templates but you can check the preview links (Live Demo) of the template to make sure the template looks and works as expected.