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AirBNB template questions


Hello i am thinking about buying the tamplate, i have some questions:

1- does it come with an auto updatable database?, what format?(Excel, Docs, etc.)
2- is the manteinance of the platform included?
3- is there a maximum user limit?
4- is there a data transfer limit?
5- are actualizations included?
6- does it comes with personalized alerts?, like when is time to pay, etc.
7- how is payment managed in this platform?
8- how is payment and general security handled?
9- how does personalization works?, like using our logo, name, etc.

thanks in advance
kind regards


Hi there, here are the answers.

  1. yes, the template is Built on Bubble and all Bubble apps have in-built proprietary database (which can also link to external databases)
  2. you’d need to subscribe to one of Bubble’s plans - for more details https://bubble.is/pricing
  3. no
  4. no
  5. when we update the template you’ll get all the updates too. But the apps built on the template prior to the template update won’t be touched. So you’ll need to create a new app in order to see the template updates
  6. it has some transactional notifications but not reminders - although that’s relatively easy to add those
  7. By default we integrated Stripe for taking care of all the payments from the buyer to the seller and it also automatically calculates the commission to the app owner.
  8. All done automatically behind the scenes. If you have particular questions please let us know and we’ll try to give you more details.
  9. Template personalization can be done directly in the Bubble editor - which is a visual interface with drag-n-drop functionality, quite similar to wix, squarespace etc but much more powerful.
    Hope this helps
    Please let us know if you have other questions
    thanks! :pray:


Hi Ievon, thanks for your reply, one more question, is there an option to program payments by time, like montly, or weekly on the platform?


yes, absolutely, the template is absolutely flexible in all the ways, so the payments can be scheduled as you mentioned.