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AirCalendar Custom View Duration Conditional

I’m using AirCalendar to render a ResourceTimline with the following settings:

Screen Shot 2024-07-03 at 9.10.36 AM

This is working as expected. But, when I add a conditional to the CustomView1 Duration, the calendar does not render the appropriate results. Here is the conditional:

After that condition is true, the timeline still renders 2 months, not 1. Is this a supported feature in Resource Timeline view? Perhaps I’m misunderstanding what function the Duration sets. Thank you in advance for you help.

Hello @bryce,

Thank you for reaching out.

From your message and screenshots, it appears you tried to change the Custom view’s attributes using conditionals. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible because the plugin requires views to be predefined and cannot be altered through conditionals due to library restrictions.

For your use case, you can set up two Custom views[image] and switch the calendar view using the “Change view AirCalendar” action. You can also refer to our demo page to see how it’s implemented using a dropdown[image].

Could you please try this approach and let me know how it goes? If you have any further questions, feel free to ask.

Best regards,